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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How to maintain and clean granite countertops?
A: We recommend wiping countertops with a damp cloth daily to remove debris and spills. There are many granite cleaners available, these are good to use on a daily or weekly bases as well. Just make sure the cleaner is neutral balanced and specifically made for granite countertops. Do not use any abrasive, acidic, caustic or waxy cleaners on your granite. These products can dull and etch granite over time.


Q: How to seal granite countertops?
A: Step1. Clean granite or marble tops with a neutral based stone cleaner or stone soap. Let stone dry thoroughly.

     Step2. You'll need a couple of dry cotton rags and water based granite sealer(we recommend a water based stone sealer because its easier to use and has low voc's). You do not have to try and seal all of your counter at one time. Just do a section at a time. Pour some of the sealer onto the countertop. Spread sealer around with one of the cotton rags. Do not pour sealer so that its running off the countertops, you want enough sealer so that the rag is soaked and the countertops are evenly wet with sealer. Let the sealer stand on countertops for 5-10 minutes making sure to rewet  any areas that might be trying to dry out. NOTE: Due to the different densities and porosities of granite, some stones will absorb more or less sealer than others.

     Step3. Take a clean dry cotton rag and dry and buff granite countertop. 


Q: How often do I need to  seal my granite countertops?
A: Generally every 1-2 years.


Q: What do I use to seal my granite countertops?
A: We use a water based sealer.


Q: How do I know when my granite countertops need to be resealed?
A: You can use one simple test called the water test. Place a drop of water on your granite countertops and if the water is absorbed, then its probably time to reseal.